March 13, 2013
Fifteen area school librarians/educators met over the ESU 13 DL system on March 13 to discuss eReaders, eBooks and eLibraries. Several individuals have done research into these topics, and are using eReaders and/or e-Books. Others are just beginning. There will be a video link to a recording of the discussion sent to you soon.
Sweeping Generalizations:
1) Schools that have (or will soon have) a 1:1 initiative have been using/researching e-Books and e-Libraries. Also some research on loading books onto students’ personal devises was mentioned. (Janet at Chadron, Sharon at Potter-Dix, Allison at Alliance) (Sharon has some catalogs) (I think this is the website)
2) Some schools have had Kindles or a Kindle/Nook combination or may be purchasing eReaders very soon. Those with experience shared some of their management challenges, and new policies from Amazon which have affected management. (Annie at Gering, Carole at Hay Springs, Laurie at Bayard) Kindles for Education FAQ
3) Some of the School Librarians are familiar with Overdrive services from the NLC. The question of Overdrive eBooks that may not be appropriate for school libraries was raised. (Sue at Hemingford, Tressie at Minatare)
More questions:
--Will eBooks count as books for Rule 10? (probably, if they are in the school catalog??)
--Have reading scores improved with eReaders/eBooks? (Sue S. will share an article she found.)
--Classroom Management challenges with devices (1:1 and personal) during silent reading time?
--Will tablets replace the need for eReaders in the near future?
--AUP for school devices...check out the Unquiet Librarian Website
--Are we thinking about an e-Library at the ESU level? (One ESU has done this, with a $2000 per district startup cost)
Conclusion: School Librarians in the area have done a lot of solid research on e-readers and e-libraries. It would be nice to have it gathered in one place so you could access it. Sandy and Melissa (ESU 16) will set up a wiki in early April for School Librarians in the ESU 13 and 16 (and possibly ESU 11) area, and let you know how to access it. However, for this wiki to work, YOU MUST share what you’ve found through your research and ask the questions that you need answers to.
Sandy will talk to a Co-op Purchasing contact about putting e-Readers on Co-op for better pricing.
Additional note: The consensus of the school librarians attending was that the Marshall Cavendish e-Books are not being used very much by individual students. Some librarians and teachers are accessing the books to read a book to an entire elementary class (projecting the online book onto a white board).
Marshall Cavendish E-book Library--ESU 13-wide statistics (We can pull individual title stats, but we cannot pull out individual districts.) Section Requests: 2012 Aug=253; Sept=918; Oct=962, Nov=941, Dec=16; 2013 Jan=574; Feb=198.